Publications Department

The Area Publications Department collects, edits, and prepares materials for the LLL of MA/RI/VT Area Leaders’ Letter, Yankee Wellspring and is available to support Leaders when they need help with Group flyers and other written materials. The head of the department, the Area Publications Coordinator (APC) is Alyson Dewar. 

If you have an idea for an article or a topic you you would like to write about for the ALL or if you would like help with written materials, you can contact the APC by email to

The Area Online Coordinator (AOC) is a member of the Publications Department. The AOC maintains the Area website and Facebook page and serves as your resource for the Group’s webpage and Facebook page. The Interim AOC can be emailed at Contact the AOC with changes to meeting or contact information that appears on the Group webpage.

Yankee Wellspring

Yankee Wellspring is published periodically and contains articles of interest to Leaders. The publication is emailed to Area Leaders. 

Yankee WeLLLspring, Summer 2018

Yankee WeLLLspring, Spring 2018

Yankee WeLLLspring, Fall 2017

Yankee WeLLLspring, Fall/Winter 2014

Yankee WeLLLspring, Fall 2012

Yankee WeLLLspring, Summer 2012