When you financially support La Leche League of Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Vermont, you are directly supporting breastfeeding families in your community. La Leche League provides free breastfeeding support to parents through monthly Group Meetings, phone help, and online.

We appreciate any donation, no matter the amount. Donated funds can be put to various uses, such as:

  1. Supporting our volunteers in their communities

  2. Providing resources for underserved communities

  3. Funding Leader education and training

  4. Providing scholarships for Leaders to attend continuing education events

  5. Resources for breastfeeding families, such as information sheets and books for Group lending libraries

  6. Outreach in local communities

If you would like your donation to be put to a specific part of our work, please let us know.

Your tax-deductible donation helps ensure that breastfeeding families today, and for generations to come, will have vital access to free and ongoing breastfeeding support. LLL of MA/RI/VT is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

To find out more about how best to support our efforts, or to discuss a large or ongoing contribution, please contact Leslie DiOrio.

Donate by mail

You may donate by mailing a check payable to “LLL of MA/RI/VT” addressed to:

Leslie DiOrio
La Leche League of MA/RI/VT
847 Washington Street
Whitman, MA 02382

Please include your mailing address so that we may send a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. If you wish to donate using a credit card, please click this link to go to our Square page.

Become a LLL Member

The work of La Leche League of Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Vermont and the support we provide to families in the community has great value. There is no charge to parents for the support and resources we provide. Leaders are volunteers who donate their time. The financial support of LLL members helps to ensure LLL will continue to be there for families now and in the future.

To support LLL by purchasing a membership for yourself or someone else, you may join at your local Group or complete this form and follow the link below to go to our Square page to complete payment.

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Who is the membership for? *
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Once you have provided us with the membership information above, please click the “Join LLL Now” button to complete your payment at our Square page.