Leader Department

The Leader Department provides support and information to Area Leaders to help them as they support breastfeeding families.

The Area Coordinator of Leaders (ACL) is Paula Manley. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact her at paula.navin.manley@gmail.com or by phone to (781) 585-4926.

The ACL offers Leaders encouragement, recognition, and enrichment, and acts as the link between La Leche League LLLI, LLL Alliance, and the Area’s Leaders. Overseeing Area policy and procedures, providing Leader support, and information-sharing are among the ACL’s responsibilities.

The ACL is assisted by the District Advisors (DA). Your DA can offer support, suggestions, and guidelines to you and your Group and is your primary resource for any questions or concerns that arise. DAs check in regularly with the Leaders in the Districts they support. Please feel free to contact your DA at any time.

District Advisors

District Advisors are assigned to geographical Districts throughout the Area. If you are unsure who your District Advisor is, please contact the ACL.

Leaders who may be interested in supporting Leaders as a District Advisor should contact the ACL for information.

Helpful Links

These links may be helpful to Area Leaders.

LLL of MA/RI/VT Area Agreement: This document outlines roles and responsibilities. The agreement is both between the Leaders and the Area and the Area and the Leaders. Leaders agree to the Area Agreement when connecting with LLL of MA/RI/VT and affirm this agreement each year when paying Leader dues to the Area. 

Area Leader Handbook: This document is currently being revised. Contact ACL with any questions.

Leader FAQ: This webpage answers a number of often-asked "How do I?" questions.

Mixing Causes: These pages provide discussion of the mixing causes issue.

LLLI Publications

LLL Websites

LLL Leader Facebook groups: If you are on Facebook please join the Area Leader Facebook Group. We use this group to share information and questions among Area Leaders. There are additional national and international closed Leader groups that may also be of interest.

LLL of MA/RI/VT Leader Updates