If you have a question that is not answered below, contact your DA or the ACL. We are happy to speak with you.

How do I update my contact information with the Area? You can update contact information using this form.

How do I make a change to the Group’s webpage on the Area website or add a meeting to the calendar? We will make these changes for you. Please send an email to info@lllmarivt.org and include the information you would like changed. Be sure to let us know if the meeting changes.

How do I sell a membership? LLL memberships raise money for the Group and the Area. You may sell memberships for cash, check, or Venmo using this downloadable membership form. When you sell a membership in your Group, please send an email to info@lllmarivt.org with the member’s name, address, phone, and email address and send a check for $20 payable to "LLL of MA/RI/VT" to Leslie DiOrio, 847 Washington Street, Whitman, MA 02382. Memberships can also be purchased online using a credit card at this link: https://www.lllmarivt.org/support. The Area sends new members a welcome letter and magnet. When the Area receives a membership through the website, we will contact the Group with the member’s contact information and send $20 to the Group.

How do we collect tax for Group sales? Groups located in MA and RI are required to collect state sales tax for sales of books or other items. The Group must notify the Area before the end of the quarter (3/31, 6/30, 9/30, 12/30) of any taxes collected. Send an email to Leslie and mail a check payable to “LLL of MA/RI/VT” to Leslie DiOrio, 847 Washington Street, Whitman, MA 02382.

When are Leader and Group dues due? All Leaders are required to pay annual Leader dues. Invoices are sent in January via email and due by 3/1. Late fees are added on the first of each month beginning April 1. Leaders who wish to retire must notify the Area before December 1 each year. The Area is assessed by LLLI a per-Leader cost-sharing fee based on our Leader roster in December for the following year. Leaders who retire early in the year without paying dues create unnecessary expenses for the Area. You may pay dues online here.

Why do I have to pay to volunteer? As with other organizations, volunteers need to be members. Dues are a requirement of being a Leader, and annual dues are paid to the Area with which you connect (LLL of MA/RI/VT). Leader dues do not need to be a financial burden to individual Leaders, as Groups can sell memberships and fundraise in order to pay Leader and Group dues. If you would like more information about memberships and fundraising contact your DA or the AFC.

How do I change my Leader status? If you are moving within the Area and want to lead with another Group or are a Group Leader and want to change to Non-Group-Affiliated (NGA), contact your DA and she can make this change for you. If you are planning to retire contact your DA or the ACL.

I am moving to another Area and want to continue to be an LLL Leader, what do I do? Connecting to another Area is simple. Let your DA or the ACL know of your plans. The ACL will contact the other Area's ACL to make an introduction.

Where can I find out about openings in the Area Council or Area Team? If you are interested in finding out about existing openings or if you have a skill you would like to use in the Area, contact the ACL. We welcome your input.

Where can I get help if I am having an issue with a co-Leader or another Leader? If you are having challenges communicating with another Leader you can speak confidentially with your District Advisor, the ACL, or if your concern is with your DA or the ACL, any member of the Team.

Who do I contact if I need additional information to help with a complex breastfeeding or legal situation? The Area Professional Liaison can provide you with additional resources. Call, text, or email Yvonne Maalouf at (781) 834-2361.

How do I start a new Group? If you would like to start a new Group, contact your District Advisor or the ACL.

How do I get proof of liability insurance if my meeting or event facility requests it? LLL Alliance will send you proof of liability. You do have this insurance whether or not you request it, and only need the certificate if it is requested from you by the facility at which you hold your meeting or other event. To obtain a certificate, please complete the form at this link: http://www.lllalliance.org/certificates-of-insurance/. You will need the following information to request a certificate:

1. Name of Certificate Holder (in other words, the name of the establishment that needs proof of insurance – such as a city, park district, school, church, etc.)
2. Mailing Address of Certificate Holder
3. Email address or fax number of Certificate Holder
4. Insurance Requirements of Certificate Holder (if any–such as wanting to be named as an additional insured on the general liability policy for LLL)
5. Name and Complete Address of Event Location
6. Type of Event (Series Meeting, Conference, Live Love Latch, fundraiser, etc.)
7. Date & Time of Event (repeated meeting date, e.g., the 3rd Thursday of the month OR a specific event date)
8. LLL Group, Area, Area Network Name
9. Leader Requesting Certificate and email