Leader Accreditation Department

The Leader Accreditation Department supports Leader Applicants and the supporting Leaders who work with them.

The Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA) is Kristen Carlson. You can reach her by email or by phone to (225)266-9739. She welcomes your questions.

The CLA and Associate Coordinators of Leader Accreditation (ACLAs) work with supporting Leaders to guide Leader Applicants during their preparation for leadership. The CLA and ACLAs correspond with Leader Applicants and their supporting Leaders throughout the application period. LAD representatives can help answer any questions you might have about Leader accreditation from the initial discussions with an interested parent through the signing of the Statement of Commitment.

Helpful Links

Here is a list of links to articles that may answer your questions, as well as to documents you will need when you work with interested parents and Leader Applicants:

Becoming a Leader: this page on the LLLI website is an excellent starting point for interested parents. They will find information on the Mothering Experience prerequisite for applying and the steps to becoming a Leader. 

Leader Applicant and Interested Parent Resources: This page on the Alliance website has everything needed for the interested parent to work through the Application. 

Leader's Pre-application Packet: This packet aims to support Leaders as they have pre-application dialogue with potential Applicants in the Group or Area, and includes the Leader Recommendation Form for the Interested Parent being recommended and the Leadership Application which is to be completed by the Interested Parent.

Supporting Leader Resources: This page on the Alliance website has everything needed for the supporting Leader to work with interested parents and Leader Applicants.

Article: A Quick Look at the Prerequisites: This one-page article briefly outlines the prerequisites that must be met to become a Leader.

Article: The Mothering Experience Prerequisite: This article discusses this prerequisite in more depth.

Article: What Are the Steps to Apply for LLL Leadership? This article gives an outline of the necessary steps to submit an Application for Leadership.

Article: Why We Consult: This article for Leaders provides an explanation of why the CLA consults with others in the Leader Accreditation Department in cases where an interested parent has significant separation from the baby.