Finance Department

2019 Semi-Annual Stat Report

Pay Leader and Group Dues

The Finance Department manages the Area's finances and supports Leaders with Group financial, memberships, and statistics and other reporting. 

The Area Finance Coordinator (AFC) is Leslie DiOrio. If you have questions about matters related to Leader and Group dues, memberships, and other financial topics, contact her by email at or phone or text to (508) 272-6504.

One of the basic responsibilities of Leaders is supervising management of the Group, including keeping accurate financial records and submitting required reports. The Area Finance Coordinator is the head of the Finance Department. The AFC is responsible for:

  • Payment of expenses, including cost sharing, Annual Area Contribution to LLL

  • Collection of Leader and Group dues

  • Processing of memberships

  • Collection and processing of Leader accreditation fees

  • Collection and reporting of semi-annual statistics

  • Collection of annual Group Financial Reports from each Group

  • Preparing and submitting the Area's and Groups' 990 forms to the IRS

  • Preparing and filing state tax forms

  • Preparing an annual Area Budget which is approved by the Area Team

  • Helping Groups and Leaders with financial questions or concerns

The AFC can help with:

  • Starting a new Group, including providing required forms for opening a bank account

  • Membership sales

  • Group Fundraising

  • Questions related to Group management


Group Financial Report (GFR): Each Group is required to submit this report annually by May 30 for the fiscal year ending 3/31. This report provides documentation of all financial transactions. The report is required even if there were no transactions during the year.

Semi-annual Report: All Groups and NGA Leaders are required to submit Semi-Annual Reports twice each year, in January and July.

Helpful Links and Information

Membership: To sell a membership, use this form and collect $40 from the new member. The Group keeps $20 and sends this form along with $20 to the AFC. Memberships can be purchased with a credit card here: LINK to Square page. Once a membership is received by the AFC, a welcome letter, membership card, and car magnet are mailed to the new member. When the membership is purchased online, the Group will receive their portion of $20 from the Area.

2019-2020 Area Budget 

Area Annual Financial Report