Professional Liaison Department

The Professional Liaison Department (PLD) aims to assist Leaders by providing information to help them support breastfeeding families.

The Area Professional Liaison (APL), Yvonne Maalouf, is the head of the department. If you need resources to help you help a breastfeeding parent, please contact her by email or by phone to (781) 834-2361.

Yvonne serves as a connection between LLL and the medical and legal communities. Professional Liaison Department personnel help interpret professional ideas and information for LLL Leaders and guide them in introducing LLL to the professional community. The AAPL or AAPL is available to assist you if you are helping parents with complex medical or legal issues. The APL and AAPL do not take over the helping role with a parent; they help the Leader to help the parent.

Associate APL

Do you have interest in joining the PL Department by taking on a role as an Associate Area Professional Liaison? If you would like more information about this important role in the Area, please contact Yvonne.

Helpful Links for Leaders

List of links to frequently used info here.

  • Breastfeeding Info A to Z: Links to information on topics of interest to parents of breastfed children.

  • Lactmed database: This resource contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed.