Are you a Group or NGA (No Group Affiliation) Leader? *
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Name of Leader completing this form
No monthly breakdown needed. This number should include Series Meetings (live and online), Breastfeeding Café meetings, as well as Enrichments Meetings, but not playgroups. Count the number of actual meetings held, even if Group holds multiple meetings each month.
Include all adults who attend, except Leaders.
This question asks if the the Group meetings are open to all support people (e.g. fathers, partners, grandparents, etc.) If any support people are excluded from a meeting, that meeting would not be included in this count.
This is the total number of helping situations including phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, emails, text messages, home visits, and informal in-person contacts. (Each conversation counts as one contact, two separate phone calls on the same topic count as two conversations. Use Leader discretion on text conversations. If it had been a phone call, would it have been all the same call? If so, count it as one conversation.) Note: Leaders who are not active with a Group should still submit their personal contact numbers. It's part of your accountability and part of your Leader agreement. Do not include Helpline work. Those numbers are provided by their committees. Responses to breastfeeding questions via LOCAL social media should be included here. "Local" means any social media run by a Group, Area, or Area Network. Discussion within a Facebook post counts as the same conversation. (Please only count actual responses that a Leader gave to helping questions. Do not count educational posts or posts where a Leader shared a link for general knowledge or discussion.)
Does the Group use social media? “Social media” means platforms where posts are easily shared beyond the original audience (media in which a post could “go viral”). Thus Facebook pages and discussions count, Twitter counts, but Yahoo! and Google groups would not be counted.
Does the Group host cafe-style meetings? These are drop-in style meetings that don't follow the rotating Series Meeting pattern.
Are you or your co-Leaders actively involved in local and/or state breastfeeding coalitions?*
This is asking about active participation, such as contributing time, energy, or financial support to the projects of the coalition. Actively contributing to email discussions, conference calls, attending meetings, or paying dues would qualify as being active. Simply reading emails would not qualify. Lurking on the coalition's social media platform also does not count.
Please include new and renewal memberships.
This would include any conferences, webinars, or other events attended to increase your knowledge of breastfeeding or other Leader-related topics (from LLL or other organization).
* Response required from all NGA Leaders
If yes, please provide updated information in the comments field.
This is asking if you are considering moving to a new Group (or starting one), moving out of the Area, changing to non-Group Affiliated (NGA) status, or retiring as a Leader.